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"I'm over the moon with it! There is no difference running the car on LPG or petrol. I have reduced my petrol bill by over half thanks to the cheap LPG prices where I live." - Mr L, Coventry (Voyager)

"The engine runs just as it did before but with great fuel savings. I have found a petrol station that sells LPG just 3 miles away so it is really convenient as well." - Mr W, Kent (Honda)

"I am impressed with quality of LPG-Cars' work; they made it really easy for me to understand what was going on. I wanted my car off the road as little as possible so they obliged by completing their work to schedule. I am really please with my decision to convert to LPG, not only are the savings phenomenal but I get the benefits of a petrol car." - Mr s, Hampshire (Peugeot)

"I wanted the versatility; range and fuss free motoring. LPG-Cars fitted me with a larger tank than normal but still designed it without losing too much space from the car. The BRC equipment installed runs smoothly and the economy is fantastic." - Mr R, Manchester (Grand Voyager)

"I wanted the confidence that everything done to the luxury car was in keeping with the original design. It had to be quality and state of the art. I was impressed with the design, every step was explained and the design was pre- agreed on the consultation. It is so smooth and quiet it feels like it is solar-powered! What's more I run it on half what it used to cost me with all the environmental benefits to boot." - Mr K, Alton (Lexus)

"I have had LPG in the past and experienced a loss of power but with BRC there was NO power loss and I can tow even the heaviest of vehicles without a problem. The tank gives me an extremely long range!" - Mr N, Warwickshire (Dodge)

"It's my pride and joy. I love it!" - Mr R (Grand Cherokee)

"I get 200 miles from a full tank which takes £24 of LPG. Service is exceptional so you have a loyal customer." - Mr L, Coventry (Mercedes)

"It's economical, it's easy to drive and practical for the children." - Mrs C (Nissan Tino MPV)

"It's great!" - Mr H (Volvo V70)

"Impressed with the system, will convert my wife's car as well." - Mr M, Bradford (BMW X5)

"For the first time my fuel costs have been lower than the finance payments!" - Police Officer (Ford ST)

"I am a firm believer in using LPG now" - Mr M, Bromsgrove (RR Classic)

"My customers cannot believe that the car runs on gas; it is so smooth and economical." - Chauffeur (Grand Voyager)

"I drive the car more now because it is so cheap to run." - Mr N, London (Jaguar XJ6)

"Neat job, no problems, so I am happy." - Mr H, Devon (XTrail)
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